In the midst of a yin/restorative yoga class, while holding an asana that challenged my mind, body, and breath, my teacher offered a thought. She said, “When you feel supported, you feel safe and your body is able to let go. Your mind is able to release, and your spirit can find peace.” In yoga, your breath –referred to as pranayama– is your foundation and support system, thus it provides your body with the means to let go. Far too often we lose our foundation because we are solely focused on the outcome; inevitably we lose our connection with the journey. I found myself focused on the sensations I was feeling while holding my breath, resistant of going further, instead of paying attention to my breath and asking myself what I could let go and release while in the pose. After being attentive to my breath and exploring where I could go from here, being mindful of my experience, I found peace in my pose.

We all encounter resistance, especially when trying to let go of a current way of “doing” in favor of a more conducive behavior that positively impacts our health and well-being. We put forth our best effort, take that first step forward with excitement and confidence, and then hit that brick wall of resistance. It stops us right in our tracks, where we resort to the comfortable way of doing rather than learning why resistance keeps us from “being” less than our optimal self – and more importantly from successfully completing our goal. We are human beings, not human doings, and in order to conquer resistance, we have to fully understand how our doing impacts our being.

Just like the breath is one’s foundation and support system in yoga, a health and wellness coach is your support system when implementing behavior changes to obtain personal goals. As a coach, I collaborate with you to establish a foundation in which to build upon during your journey. I learn about your authentic self; what you value, what is most important to you, what your fears are, what your goal is, why this goal is so significant to you, what your strengths are, and what weaknesses need to be strengthened. Without judgment I listen to you on a deep level, offering opportunities to build self-awareness that assists in your capacity to make profound change. I offer practices that align with your goal and objectives we co-create, and these exercises serve you just as your breath does in yoga practice; they strengthen your foundation. You become one with yourself. Stronger. Wiser. Empowered. Successful.

Rather than turning to other stressful means because life is too busy to trust you need to catch your breath, work with me. It will be a journey you won’t regret!