Integrative health coaching is distinct from other forms of health and wellness coaching; the word integrative acknowledging its roots in integrative medicine and its alignment with IM values of whole-person care, patient-centeredness, mindfulness, and healthy lifestyle (Smith, Lake, Simmons, Perlman, Wroth, & Wolever, 2013; Wolever, et al., 2011; Caldwell, Gray, & Wolever, 2013). Through health education and health promotion, integrative health coaches collaboratively work with clients on enhancing well-being and facilitating behavior change to achieve health-related goals. Integrative health coaches empower individuals to make lifelong health behavior changes paramount in obtaining optimal health and well-being, and facilitate implementing medical recommendations into the intricacies of their daily life.

Health and Wellness Coaches partner with clients seeking self-directed, lasting changes, aligned with their values, which promote health and wellness and, thereby, enhance well-being. In the course of their work health and wellness coaches display unconditional positive regard for their clients and a belief in their capacity for change, and honoring that each client is an expert on his or her life, while ensuring that all interactions are respectful and non-judgmental (NBHWC, 2019).”

What is the difference between coaching specialties?